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Sometimes a company needs to bring over an individual whose extraordinary abilities in the arts, entertainment industries, sports, sciences, education, or business arenas are unrivaled. If a person possesses outstanding talent or a unique skill and wants to enter the United States for work, it is time to get in touch with an experienced O visa lawyer in Coral Gables.

At the Law Office of Sandra I. Murado, our attorney has more than 25 years of experience helping international workers obtain U.S. visas. Proving extraordinary abilities that warrant an O-1 visa is a difficult task, but we have what it takes to submit an accurate, thorough, and compelling application on your behalf.

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O-1 Visa Qualifications

O-1A visas are given to those who have demonstrated exemplary work at the height of their profession for education and academia, science, business, or athletics. O-1B visas are for individuals who are renowned in the arts or entertainment, such as television.

To qualify for either visa, you must first show that you have received national or international acclaim for a distinct talent, ability, or accomplished work. You must then prove that your entrance into the U.S. is for the same arena or field of work.

Because O-1 visas are reserved for rare cases of extraordinary achievement and acclaim, you must meet a broad set of requirements to qualify. One way you can qualify is by earning a major award, such as a Nobel Prize or a Grammy or an Oscar.

Alternatively, you can demonstrate at least three of the following criteria:

  • Other prizes or awards for achieving excellent work within your field
  • Membership on boards, societies, and other associations that are exclusive to those with superior accomplishments
  • Valuable impact and crucial contributions added to your field
  • A high salary appropriate to your talent and ability
  • Published pieces, essays, or articles either about you or the work you have done
  • Your own publications in academic journals
  • Time served on a panel judging or critiquing others' work within your field
  • Recognition for past achievements and present work, internationally or nationally
  • Time served in lead roles in renown productions, adaptations, events, or shows
  • Recognition by members of government, academic critics, or field experts

While the initial period of an O-1 visa is only three years, the Law Office of Sandra I. Murado can help you extend your visa if you continue to qualify. We can also help you bring an essential assistant under the O-2 visa. Reach out to our Coral Gables immigration attorney today.