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With over 25 years of experience, the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado will provide you with a clear understanding of the immigration steps that lie ahead. Attorney Murado is committed to serving your needs through honesty, compassion, determination, and a results-focused approach. She values integrity and honesty above all, ensuring an honest evaluation of your case and a realistic assessment of the outcome that can be achieved. Since she practices immigration law, she can represent clients in all 50 states.

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About the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado

The Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado has assisted thousands of individuals and companies successfully navigate a complex and rather daunting immigration system.

The firm's founder, Sandra I. Murado, was born in Long Island, New York and raised in Miami, Florida. The only child of Cuban refugees who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1960's, her paternal grandfather was an immigrant as well, having emigrated from Spain to Cuba at the age of 16. Keenly aware of the sacrifices made by her parents to start a new life in a new country, she used the drive and tenacity of a first-generation American to become the first lawyer in her family. She brings that same drive and tenacity to immigrants who seek new beginnings and opportunities.

Sandra Murado insists on providing each client with a clear understanding of the immigration steps that lie ahead, as well as a realistic assessment of the results that can be achieved. Each client expects and is entitled to an honest evaluation.

Practicing immigration law exclusively, the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado offers an extensive range of family and business immigration legal services to individuals and companies. Since Attorney Murado practices immigration law, she can represent clients in all 50 states.

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7 Reasons to Choose the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado

Rather than navigating the complex issues of immigration law alone, you've decided to hire an attorney to assist with the process. So, what sets the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado apart from other law firms?

1. Immigration Experience - With over 20 years of experience of dealing with immigration law matters, Ms. Murado has assisted thousands of individuals successfully navigate the complex and rather daunting U.S. immigration system.

2. Comprehensive Immigration Consultation - During the initial consultation, we start with a comprehensive process of discovery consisting of fact-finding and identification of potential obstacles. Ms. Murado presents you with advice regarding options, an in-depth explanation of the process, timelines and a discussion of fees, spending all the necessary time to get to know you and provide solutions and comprehensive long-term strategies with your end goal in mind.

3. Reasonable Fixed Attorney Fees - All clients at the Law Office of Sandra I. Murado are entitled to predictable and transparent fees. Your fixed fee covers all legal services, from our first meeting through to case completion, regardless of the time spent by our attorney. There are absolutely no additional charges for document preparation, emails, telephone calls, consultations, responses to government requests, interview preparation, issue solving or advocacy and no hidden costs. You pay a one-time, affordable, fixed fee.

4. Personal Attention - All clients receive one-on-one attention with Ms. Murado to discuss their unique case. She recognizes your need for clear explanations and expedient access to information. We cater to these needs by providing unrelenting personal service to all clients.

5. Spanish Services Available - Attorney Sandra Murado and her staff provide immigration legal services in both English and Spanish.

6. Technology - Using secure online technology, we expedite the retrieval and dissemination of information for clients, regardless of physical location. The result is quicker form preparation and submission to government agencies and increased time-savings for clients – which ultimately allows us to expedite the immigration process.

7. We Get Results - The only true measure of an attorney's value is whether they meet or exceed the client's expectations. The Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado has an extensive record of having successfully processed hundreds of cases.

Passionate & Dedicated to Your Case

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Sandra I. Murado

Raised in a multicultural and multilingual community by her immigrant parents and maternal grandmother, it has been Sandra's personal mission to "welcome the stranger" and remind them that we are all humans wishing to belong. Since her childhood growing up in Miami, befriending the new student who came from another country, state or school was natural for Sandra. With 25+ years of experience, Sandra Murado is skilled in matters of immigration law and always treats her clients with honesty, integrity, compassion and dedication. It is her honor to have served and continue to serve individuals, families and companies throughout the United States and abroad with their immigration matters.

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  • She helped us solve our problems.

    Thankfully I can´t compare Sandra vs other Inmigration Lawyers, cause we did not "shop around". Our intention was to meet a few lawyers and compare, and she was first on our list. So we met for our first discovery appointment and were so happy with the outcome, that we did not look any further. B... Read On

  • 100% recommended.

    I have been a client of Sandra since 2009. Her professionalism and responsibility until the successful completion of the cases I have presented to her have been outstanding. Inspire confidence since you've known her. 100% recommended. Read On

  • Acudimos a esa firma por recomendaciones de amistades e igualmente tuvimos óptima experiencia con su firma.

    La Dra. Murado nos solucionó el caso de nuestro hijo de 34 años, nacido en Venezuela por ajuste cubano. Esta firma contestó nuestras llamadas con amabilidad y prontitud disipando siempre nuestras dudas con respuestas correctas. Es impresionante la excelente profesionalidad, conocimiento y atenció... Read On