Rather than navigating the complex issues of immigration law alone, you've decided to hire an attorney to assist with the process. So, what sets the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado apart from other law firms?

  1. Immigration Experience - With 20+ years dealing with immigration law matters, Ms. Murado has assisted thousands of individuals successfully navigate the complex and rather daunting U.S. immigration system.
  2. Comprehensive Immigration Consultation- We recognize that every case, and every client, is unique. Your consultation starts with a comprehensive process of discovery consisting of fact-finding and identification of potential obstacles. Ms. Murado presents you with advice regarding options, an in-depth explanation of the process, timelines and a discussion of fees. It is important that we understand your expectations and determine whether we can work together – to that end, Attorney Sandra Murado will spend all the necessary time to get to know you and provide solutions and comprehensive long-term strategies with your end goal in mind.
  3. Reasonable Fixed Attorney Fees - All clients at the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado are entitled to predictable and transparent fees. Your fixed fee covers all legal services, from our first meeting through to case completion, regardless of the time spent by our attorney. There are absolutely no additional charges for document preparation, emails, telephone calls, consultations, responses to government requests, interview preparation, issue solving or advocacy and no hidden costs. You pay a one-time, affordable, fixed fee.
  4. Personal Attention - All clients receive one-on-one attention with Ms. Murado to discuss their unique case. She recognizes that this is an emotional time and appreciates your need for clear explanations and expedient access to information. We cater to these needs by providing unrelenting personal service to all clients.
  5. Spanish Services Available -  Attorney Sandra Murado and her staff provide immigration legal services in both English and Spanish.
  6. Technology - Most cases are subject to the same processing time. This time can vary, however, depending on the government agencies that adjudicate the petitions and applications and the individuals providing the information. Using secure online technology, the Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado expedites the retrieval and dissemination of information for clients, regardless of physical location. The result is quicker form preparation and submission to government agencies and increased time-savings for clients – which ultimately allows us to expedite the immigration process.
  7. We Get Results - The only true measure of an attorney's value is whether they meet or exceed the client's expectations. The Law Offices of Sandra I. Murado has an extensive record of having successfully processed hundreds of cases.